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Happy February!
Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to write a proper message for this weeks newsletter. Instead, I wanted to share a few announcements and other bits of information for you to focus on this month.
First of all, please read through all of the newsletter. There is information towards the bottom of items we are looking for and where you can contact us. The dates to remember section provide events and summaries of information coming up. I even added a birthday list this year to honor those of you who have birthdays (in addition to the greeting cards I like to send out).
February is American Heart Month. Wear red or wear your red dress pin to show awareness of this very important health issue women face. Please educate yourself on the importance of heart health. Visit for tips and tools.
February is also Black History Month. It is important that we educate ourselves about who our African American sisters are and what made them so great and special. Each week, one of those sisters from either today or in history will be featured. Some of them are known. Some are unknown. Some might even be surprising to you.
February 15 is Susan B. Anthony's birthday. I see her as one of my historical women heroes because she followed her heart and she worked hard for us today. Please do what you can to honor her legacy and her birthday.
February 16 is Chinese New Year (also known as Lunar New Year in other Asian countries). This is a time of year to welcome the first signs of spring. Each year, an animal is represented in the Chinese zodiac. 2018 will be the year of the dog, a sign of loyalty and trust.
Please be advised and keep your eyes on your emails for information about our Spring Board Conference Call, committee chair discussion, and May Convention.
This is a busy time of year for yours truly and your executive committee. We will need all the support and pitching in possible as our next state events get closer
Susan E. Oser
BPW/MI President
BPW/MI Past State President Testimonial
A Message from a Past State President Trish Knight about BPW involvement:
It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.
Well, Charles Dickens may not have been talking about serving on a committee or stepping up to a leadership role, but the words can certainly fit! A successful experience as a leader in any organization will not always be smooth sailing. No matter what you do, based upon your heart’s desire to do the best, there will always be someone(s) that believe you could have done it better or differently. Their words or emails or non-compliance can be sharp and cut deeply. There will be those who have “been there, tried that” and will stall your efforts to try it a new way. There will be others that will jump at the chance to change things up. It is what it is.
I made my share of mistakes as I served in local, district, state and national roles. I chose women that I felt were good role models, women that could give me advice when I wanted it - and when I didn’t. Sometimes their advice stung and sometimes it lifted me. I feel I am a better person today because of my experiences. My working roles in this organization gave me the courage to pursue other leadership opportunities in my community and profession. The experiences, good or hurtful, gave me a thicker skin and the ability to let some criticism bounce off. No matter what task you take on, there will always be those who criticize. You have to learn not to take it personally. 
Challenge yourself to be a servant-leader. Be willing to roll up your sleeves and work. Delegate duties, but don’t micro-manage others. Give them the space to do their tasks within a timeframe. Be ready to accept a few failures along the way. Not everything goes smoothly and not everyone has the same work ethic or value as you. Remember that some will, some won’t. Have an attitude of “So, what’s next?” Do your best, hold your head high, and move forward. Step up and give it a try. The relationships you develop, the protocols and plans you follow, and the opportunities to expand your self-confidence and leadership skills will be worth it all.
Trish Knight
Equal Pay Day Coalition News
Cathy Cantor and Irma Glaser from NCJW will be doing a lobby phone training on Tuesday, February 20th at 7:00 p.m. This will enable coalition representatives to prepare themselves and their respective members to meet with their legislators. Please put this date on your calendars and make every effort to take part in this call. Materials will be sent to you in advance. Many thanks to Cathy and Irma for taking on this task.
Also, another reminder that our next conference call will be on Monday, February 12th.
BPW Updates
Things are mostly good but very busy. Our Friends of the Library have been reorganizing over the past 12 months. All positive but they need much help in the process. And we are working toward putting together a viable fundraising program. It’s uncharted territory for me and most of the folks I work with directly.
At present I don’t have much in the way of substantial updates. Most of the materials I have are a record of events, useful but not necessarily fascinating if you are not searching for a nugget of business conducted. Am sifting out items that connect with their times for a display at the annual convention.
Joan Rogers, Archivist/Historian
Women of Black History
Merze Tate was an African American girl born in 1905 in rural Michigan, Tate graduated first in her class from Western Michigan University in 1927, earned a doctorate from Oxford University, worked for the State Department, and traveled around the world twice.
BPW/Michigan would like to honor the following February Birthdays:
February 6 - Katherine Beeny , Wayne BPW
February 12 - Anna Petrou, Wayne BPW
February 17 - Jennifer Mills. Eaton Rapids BPW
Lisa Coe, Ionia BPW
February 20 - Jean Porter, Affiliate member
February 21 - Cheri Lynn Lampian. Keweenaw BPW
February 24 - Diane Adams, Ionia BPW
Dorothy Pohl, Ionia BPW
February 26 - Noel Derr-Johnson, Wayne BPW
Jodi Snyder is looking for pictures of locals to post onto our website. It would be appreciated if you could email her at:
Nominations: Members, Michigan BPW needs you! Consider getting involved at the State level. Please contact me, Cheri Poynter at 906-370-4476or for more information.  
Do you have a business or are you working for a business that you'd like to have advertised on the website? If so, please email this information to
The Centennial Committee is looking for pictures of past conventions to be put into a slide/montage to be presented at May Convention. From now until February, please email your pictures to
Are you or do you know of a member who will be celebrating a milestone year in BPW/MI? Please let us know so she can be recognized in a future Monday Minute.
Who is getting the Monday Minutes in your local? Are those without email access staying informed to the latest? Please help in passing along information to those members via your local meetings or otherwise. If you know someone who is not getting a Monday Minute or other email information, please let us know how we can help.
If you have a special announcement or gathering you'd like the membership to know about, please email them or
February - Black History Month, American Hearth Month
February 7, 2018 - Go Read for Women - Women's Heart Health Day
February 14, 2018 - Valentine's Day/Ash Wednesday
February 15, 2018 - Susan B. Anthony's Birthday
February 16, 2018 - Chinese New Year
February 17, 2018 - Albion BPW Paint Party
March 7, 2018 – Asian women’s equal pay day
March 9, 2018 - Albion 90th Anniversary
March 12-23, 2018 - CSW62 New York City
March 15, 2018 - Spring Board Conference Call, 7:30pm ET
April 1, 2018 - Easter
April 10, 2018  Equal Pay Day
May 5-7, 2018 - 100th Annual State Convention
July 20, 2018 -
NFBPWC 2018 General Assembly Orlando, Florida
July 31, 2018 - Black Women’s Equal Pay Day
September 25, 2018 – Native American Women’s Equal Pay Day
November 2, 2018 - Latina Equal Pay Day
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